Infected Wounds

About Infected Wounds

KCI provides an integrated portfolio of proven solutions to assist with the management of infected wounds, when combined with appropriate good clinical practice, such as debridement and systemic antibiotics. Our products have been shown to facilitate healing in the hospital or home.

The Science Behind Our Products

Our solutions are built on a deep scientific expertise, supported by a large body of clinical evidence.

Why It Matters

Every infected wound required a decisive treatment plan to help rapidly clear the infection and re-establish an environment for healing. A decisive treatment regime can change the course and cost of infected wound management:

  • Cases of surgical site infection can double the length of patient’s hospital stay, costing up to £6,626 for interventions1
  • The NHS spends more than £20 million per year on silver dressings alone to treat infected wounds2
Clinician Resources

Education is key to promoting quality of care, particularly when it involves the healthcare community. Our instructional programs – from professional training to continuing education – provide a continuum designed to improve skills and enrich knowledge across all healthcare settings.

Clinical Evidences