Incision Management


About Surgical Incision Management

Poor incision healing can lead to surgical site complications (SSCs) such as surgical site infection (SSI), dehiscence, haematoma and seroma.  Each of these SSCs can lead to delayed healing, increased length of stay, readmissions, reoperation and increased morbidity and mortality.  The impact of SSCs places our health services under additional strain and incur additional treatment costs.   

KCI provides closed incision management systems to help protect the surgical site from developing SSCs and can help improve patient outcomes. 

The Science Behind Our Products

KCI solutions are built on an extensive understanding of incision management, supported by a large body of clinical evidence

Why It Matters

  • In the UK surgical site infection (SSI) affects at least 5% of surgical patients1
  • SSIs increase the median length of stay (LOS) by an additional 10 days2
  • The median additional cost to treat each SSI is £5,2392

Clinician Resources

KCI offers a wide range of clinically proven, economically beneficial incision management technologies for closed surgical incisions. These can contribute to positive outcomes for patients and healthcare professionals.

Clinical Evidences